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SALUS Pro User Guide

TrackMe Pro Portal User Guide

The simple TrackMe Pro Guide for our SALUS portal.

Spot G3 Updater

Spot Download Page

SPOT G3 Firmware update

Unlimted plan options allow for extended tracking intervals. Device needs to be synced if changes are made online

inReach Sync

Windows SYNC

Sync instructions for the Delorme & Garmin inReach devices on TrackMe Pro

inReach SYNC – Instructions

MAC SYNC Download

PC SYNC Download

G3 battery Performance

Battery performance Spot Gen3

Battery Specs

TrackMe Files

Download our credit application and Privacy Policy

Credit Account Application

Privacy Policy

GARMIN Apps User Guides

Download the GARMIN EarthMate guide

TrackMe NZ – Garmin Earthmate Quick Start Guide A4 Flyer

User Guide for the Mini

Click on here to download the User guide for the inReach Mini

TrackMe NZ – Garmin inReach Mini Quick Start Guide A4 Flyer

inReach SE Plus and Explorer Plus

Sync Details

Download the user guides for the GARMIN SE+ and Explorer+

TrackMe – Garmin inReach SE+ Quick Start Guide A4 Flyer

TrackMe NZ – Garmin Explorer+ Quick Start Guide A4 Flyer

Terms and Conditions

Here are the updated Terms and Conditions applicable to users of the TrackMe Pro Systems

TrackMe NZ Terms of Service