Our Christchurch and Hastings Offices are both closed Friday 17th May and will reopen on Tuesday 21st of May for our staff retreat. Please call 0800 77 68 69 to speak with our call centre!

Yes you can choose a NZL Satellite service by filling out the form at Device Registration with TrackMe NZ

Fill out the form at Device Registration with TrackMe NZ and enter the details of your connection in the notes field, we will help you close your account and transfer your device.

If you have an active satellite tracking connection, try running the Spot Updater (see our downloads section). Try sending an OK message. If these do not work then contact our call centre on 0800 776 869

Yes email us on [email protected] and we can combine all your spot and inReach devices into one account.

For tracking and one way message updates you can use a Spot G3 Messenger, if you want 2 way messaging then the GARMIN Explorer or Mini for shorter trips are your better options. Shop now for the best deals at TrackMe NZ Online Store

We have an online store which generally ships within 24 hrs.

TrackMe NZ Online Store

Our pickup locations are Christchurch and Hastings by appointment only call 0800 776 869

Our agents in Auckland & Wellington can assist with deliveries, or you can buy from your nearest Hunting & Fishing NZ Store and choose our system to connect to. This can take up to 48 hours to activate

Satellite devices work where cell phones don’t and keep you connected anywhere on the globe (*inReach only). Find out more 0800 776 869

An active satellite account is required for all features and data is not able to be carried over, but TrackMe NZL only charge you for the plan you use, not the one you didn’t need. Sign up at Device Registration with TrackMe NZ

In New Zealand and Australia, rescue services are provided by Government funded agencies, for elsewhere in the world GEOS is available for an additional fee. All calls are also monitored by our 24/7 Response centre so no call goes unanswered. Talk to us now 0800 776 869

You can call 0800 776 869 and one of our experienced agents will call you back

Via our portal at www.trackmepro.com see the guide in our downloads section.

Connect with us to discuss your next event – Contact us

See our online info and contact one of our staff to arrange a call.

TrackMe Pro+ Worker Monitoring

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