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BYOD to TrackMe Satellite Plans. Choose your device and level of plan from our options. Spot or inReach plans from 1 month to full year. Customise what your plan looks like

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TrackMe NZ hires GPS tracking and communication devices to people in many different situations. It provides a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it.

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Contact Trackme NZL, enquire about our part time plans, lease options, hire devices or why your GPS doesn’t work indoors! All questions treated in confidence.

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Request a quote for a TrackMe Lease agreement and start your Remote Worker plan on a fixed budget. Minimum terms apply.

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Connect to our TrackMe Mapping solution for events and GIS Display

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Register for the Kopiko 2021 Satellite tracking and hires. Form opens from September 10th 2020 to February 5th 2021