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Our featured events can be hosted in a variety of servers worldwide.

Here are the most current ones and some of the best from the past.

Kaikoura AR 2021

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Kaikoura 24Hr Adventure Race, combined with the South Island Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Championships for 2021.

Event uses the new fleet of 20x GARMIN inReach Minis and our trusty SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messengers x26

Go-4-12 2021

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TrackMe.Life GO-4-12 2021 is coming this weekend, 17th April.

Maps brought to you by FollowMyChallenge

Live racing and active rogaine scoring was supplied with inReach tracking.


While I Still Can

See the final path

Eugene Sanders Epic Journey to raise awareness of kidney disease, the need for testing and raise funds for Kidney Health NZ.




Mark Jones

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Jonesy as he is known to his mates is solo tramping the length of Fiordland.

Relive his journey

His was tracked with support from


Joanna Sharpe


Joanna Sharpe’s ride the length of NZL raising awareness for Bowel Cancer and setting a World Record while at it.

Mapping support from