Shane Kidby has started his walk around the coast of NZ for Cystic Fibrosis - Check him out on our events page and donate!

Remote Worker Showcase

Remote Workers Showcase with CTG Tony

Tony, Chief Thinking Guy for TrackMe NZL presents the Remote Worker Showcase of videos including how to stay connected and how to use our devices.

Event device use

How to videos

Check out the videos here if you are using a Satellite device in your coming event.

Want this for your event? Then contact us

Deane Parker Support

Deane Parker

Deane Parker Adventure Channel uses the GARMIN inReach

Mini + Instinct

GARMIN – Instinct + Mini

Brendan demonstates how to use the Instinct watch and Mini paired for OK check-in

Spot Gen 3 Getting Started

Using the G3 Tracker

TrackMe NZ Shows you how to use the G3 Tracker from SPOT

GET LOST with your G3


For a visual explanation of the G3 tracker from SPOT